How to Become a Civil Engineer


What do I do in college to prepare to be a Civil Engineer?

  • Major in civil engineering.
  • Gain experience either through internships or summer/part time jobs.
  • Join engineering student associations.
  • Continue to research and reach out to professors. Visit public works and civil engineering company web sites.  Look online at job requirements for civil engineering positions.  Consider visiting a company and requesting an informational interview to get recommendations for your education.

How do I find a good school to be a Civil Engineer?

What is the job potential and pay for Civil Engineers?

 What are the different things I can do in a Civil Engineering career?

  • There are nine different disciplines within civil engineering that focus on different specialty areas.
  • Typically, civil engineering college students take the same courses for the first three years in college and spend their final year taking courses that specialize in one of the seven disciplines below.
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