According to the The National Society of Professional Surveyors, there are a number of services that only a licensed Professional Surveyor is allowed to provide, specifically those related to the location of property boundaries. Surveyors also provide a wide variety of land related services such as location, topography, spatial position, and land use planning. Basically, anything related to land location and use will generally require the services of a Professional Surveyor.

A few of these services include;

  • Boundary line surveys and consultation;
  • Subdivision of land;
  • Topographic maps and accident site maps;
  • Construction surveys for placement of planned buildings, facilities, utilities, etc.
  • Flood insurance maps (FEMA Flood Certificates; Letters of Map Amendment, etc.)
  • Hydrographic maps (maps of the topography underwater);
  • Volumetric calculations for stockpiles (coal piles, etc.);
  • Control networks to reference property within a specific local, state, or national geospatial framework.